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"Bear with me!"

About Me

Alessandro just lights up the room, whether in person or through a screen. He’s charming, quick-witted and has a lot of charisma, making his classes a fun, safe space to workout in. With his knowledge as a former professional swimmer, he knows exactly how to challenge and tone your body. His workouts are a great combination of challenging and smoothness. His playlist has often been described as “sexy” and who doesn’t like sexy music?

Intensity level: đź’Ş đź’Ş đź’Ş

How did your fitness journey start?

Sport has always been a constant in my life. I wasn’t even three when my parents brought me to swimming school. With 9 I was already swimming professionally doing competitions. Swimming has always been there until I started university. I became a swimming trainer after that and I also played water polo and volleyball (which is part of the DNA of my family). I discovered yoga at some point during school as a good way to build a routine in my busy days as an architecture student. And eventually bumped into Pilates which became a fundamental part of my weekly workout pattern. Practicing both individual and team sports and activities I discovered the importance of having a team, a community supporting each other. Which at the end of the day is what always kept me going even in those moments when my own motivation wasn’t enough and kept me focused on what at every point of my life was the goal I wanted to achieve

What does Train&Tone and exercise mean to you?

To me it’s not just a way to workout and to have a healthy lifestyle. It’s a way to workout even in those days when I’m too lazy to do it by myself. Sometimes just my motivation isn’t enough and I might tend to get a bit lazy, but having a community, knowing I’m not going to be alone, it does make it much easier for me to push myself, it keeps me consistent and honestly it’s much more fun.

What’s your favorite food?

Obviously pizza!

What do you do, if you’re not working out?

I’m an architecture student, I work in a museum. In my free time I love drawing, reading and cooking for me and my friends.

Alessandro's Classes

Alessandro’s classes are taught in English, offering variations for each exercise – everyone is welcome!

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We are more than just a workout. We are a community that will encourage you to be fit,
healthy and feel happy in your own skin.

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