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"Thank God it’s Monday!"

About Me

Emilia is all about repetitions, repetitions and repetitions. Her positive and uplifting nature shines through in her classes, making them not only a great workout but a perfect getaway for your soul. Her classes are all about finding your inner strength, being in connection with your body and overcoming  obstacles. Although she always finishes every class with a short meditation, she also created “T&T Good Vibrations” which is class that combines a 45min Workout with a 15min meditation session that will have you ready to conquer your day. Her workout jam is all about the best Electro beats.

Intensity level : 💪 💪

How did your fitness journey start?

For me, being active was always connected to feeling good. Some years ago, I went through a rough period, where I wasn’t feeling good at all. I stopped doing any sports, which led me to feel even worse & have to pull the emergency brake. From that moment on I made the promise to myself, to always dedicate myself to feeling good, to being healthy & happy. And a couple years & a lot of hard work(outs) later, here I am…so lucky to be a trainer!

What does Train&Tone and exercise mean to you?

For me, Train & Tone stands for family – the safe place where people from all backgrounds, of all shapes, colors & sizes can connect via similar goals: self-love, discipline, strength, perseverance…fill in blank here. 🙂

What’s your favorite food?

Freshly cooked vegetables in all variations with beautiful herbs, and I love trying out different vegan cheeses!

What do you do, if you’re not working out?

I listen to music (which leads to updating my playlists), work a.k.a “hustle hard”, spend time with my boyfriend & our chihuahua Bowie, search for interior design bargains for my apartment, dream about a house on the seaside, eat, decorate, meditate, work on finding out what it means to be me.

Emilia's Classes

Emilia’s classes are taught in English and range from Pilates to Good Vibrations classes, offering variations for each exercise – everyone is welcome!

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We are more than just a workout. We are a community that will encourage you to be fit,
healthy and feel happy in your own skin.

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