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"The real workout starts when you think you cannot do it anymore."

About Me

Danielle is bringing the party to Train and Tone. Her combination of techno and hip hop, together with her fun upbeat personality turns the class into a party on the mat. Her workout is the perfect mixture of classical pilates; strength and stretching, with the signature of a T&T workout; the music and the experience. Even though her class is core and lower body focused, you will still feel your entire body burning. With Danielle get ready to rave on the mat.

Intensity level: 💪 💪 💪

How did your fitness journey start?

My fitness journey started very unspectacular haha. No cool story behind, my parents were the “kids need hours of music lessons”ones. Back to the days when I was a teenager, I went to the gym with my friends. But I’d say the real journey started 5 years ago when I started to work out 5-6 days a week. It felt great to push my limits, get stronger & destress during the workouts.

Train&Tone stands exactly for this – creating a better mindset about you, your workout and your body. Everybody and every body is beautiful in their own way and I think at T&T we created a very good environment where no one feels judged!

What does Train&Tone and exercise mean to you?

For me, it’s all about the connection between body & mind. Mindful movements make the real difference. Also, feeling good in my skin, challenging myself & having fuuuun!

What’s your favorite food?

Hard question, I’m a foodie. Salty: Summer Rolls, Mediterran, Pizza (but I’m gluten intolerant) & Sushi. Sweet: Ice Cream, Dates with Nut-butter (don’t judge), Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice.

What do you do, if you’re not working out?

Work for my baby “La Rose”, studying, meeting my friends, searching for new tracks & making music, going out, cooking, shopping haha and so much moooore!

Danielle's Classes

Danielle’s classes are taught in English, offering variations for each exercise – everyone is welcome!

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We are more than just a workout. We are a community that will encourage you to be fit,
healthy and feel happy in your own skin.

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