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"Squeeze that booty!"

About Me

Eduardo is the walking version of fitness. His understanding of fitness and his dedication to the workouts, turn his classes into a one of a kind experience. Alongside with his charming personality, it doesn’t matter if it’s a slow-paced class like T&T Flawless or a fast-paced cardio focused class like T&T Le Freak, his workouts will always have the challenge elements that will power and motivate you.

Intensity level: 💪 💪 💪 💪 💪

How did your fitness journey start?

Late. In my early 20s I was very slim and weak. Started making small changes to be more active, more strong and happier. A mixture of strength exercises and sports transformed my body. 

What does Train&Tone and exercise mean to you?

Fitness makes me feel happy and grounded. Working out at T&T has become an important part of my weekly routine.

What’s your favorite food?


What do you do, if you’re not working out?

I either keep my brain busy with one of my 200 hobbies, or fall into a deep potato state! Both equally important and enjoyable.

Eduardo's Classes

Eduardo’s classes are taught in English and range from Flawless to Le Freak classes, offering variations for each exercise – everyone is welcome!

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We are more than just a workout. We are a community that will encourage you to be fit,
healthy and feel happy in your own skin.

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